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Save Money: Buy Instock Quartz For Your Next Countertop Project

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Installing countertops in the kitchen and bathroom is an excellent means of enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of these spaces. If you’re planning on upgrading your hard surfaces, Onslow Stoneworks is your trusted and knowledgeable partner for your countertop needs. Our product portfolio comprises various materials, including natural stone, quartz, granite, and recycled options. Visit our showrooms and discover wide-ranging designs, styles, textures, and colors that you can also use beyond your home’s interior. But not always will you find these materials in stock at Onslow.

white calacatta quartz kitchen countertops
Featured: MSI Calacatta Laza 


What is In-Stock Quartz Material?

When speaking of in-stock material, it means Onslow has it readily available for purchase now. Granted, customers can visit our countertop showrooms to browse through the collection and purchase slabs that represent their personalities and integrate well with the overall home designs. While other materials in our online store need to be ordered, in-stock colors are readily available. You can be guaranteed that we’ll meet your remodeling in a timely manner.


Why Buy In-Stock Quartz Countertops?

If you’re confined to a limited budget, it’s understandable to look for ways to save in your countertop renovation project. Investing in in-stock countertop materials offers cost-saving opportunities, transforming your kitchen and bathroom at a fraction of the standard cost.

Typically, quartz and granite manufacturers sell whole countertop slabs. Hardly do remodeling projects use up the entire slabs. Large, usable portions will remain. Picture this: If your kitchen needs only 1.3 slabs, a fabricator will lose 70% of the costs after installation. But no fabricator wishes to incur such losses. That’s why we keep the remnants in stock for any customer who’d like to use the same material in their home makeover projects. Instead of purchasing entire slabs, you can choose in-stock countertops and only pay for the square-footage you require; no more, no less. Not only will you save on waste, but your overall remodeling costs significantly plummet.

Featured: Silestone Pearl Jasmine

By purchasing our in-stock countertops, you invest in the trending colors, styles, and designs that we sell often. Contact Onslow or visit one of our showrooms today and we’ll help you choose the right countertop material, color, and style for your kitchen or bath. 



Cambria Quartz Montgomery Kitchen Countertops

Understanding the Countertop Installation Process

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What to Expect During Your Onslow Stoneworks Countertop Installation Process

Starting a new countertop project can be overwhelming. When shopping for a new countertop surface, it’s important to understand the steps included in the installation process to be fully prepared for what lies ahead. When you choose to purchase new countertops and visit any of our Onslow Stoneworks showrooms, you will have the opportunity to look at various countertop materials and design options. With the help of one of our experienced countertop experts, we’ll make the process easy and exciting!

We know your design project is an investment and we want to ensure that each customer receives the red-carpet treatment. In this blog, we’ll go through the process of how our professional countertop installations work and guide you through the process to help you prepare for you dream countertops.




Step 1

At our countertop showrooms we have a large selection of countertop products to choose from such as granite, marble, quartz and other surfacing materials to fit any style. After choosing the material that best suits your space, we’ll work with you to create an estimate for your unique project. 

Step 2

In order to cut your selected slab to the right size that will fit perfectly on top of your cabinets, we first have to create a digital laser template. During your select template date, our skilled technicians will come to your home to precisely measure for your new countertops.

Step 3

Upon review, you’ll sign a contract that guarantees your materials, products and installation scheduling. You’ll also have the opportunity to view the slab you selected and approve the stone and layout templates. Once approved, your project will be submitted and installation will be scheduled. 



Step 4

Your template will then be digitalized and any adjustments will be made. Your selected material is then cut with our state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise detail and accuracy. Once cut, the countertop material is edged, polished and quality checked.

Step 5

The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Our highly experienced installation team will arrive at your home during the specified time to safely install your countertops and review important information regarding the care of your new surface. The job site is then prepared, countertops are installed, and the area is cleaned thoroughly. You’ll then be able inspect and approve your countertops and receive any warranty documentation. 


Step 6

For the final step of your countertop installation process, someone from our team will reach out to ensure all of your expectations are met. 

The amount of time it takes for professional countertop installation will depend on the size of your project, edge details and material. It will also depend on your space, accessibility and if they’ll need to disassemble and removal your old countertops.

Your countertops are an investment that deserve quality installation. Visit our showrooms in Swansboro, New Bern and Morehead City to further discuss how Onslow Stoneworks can make your new countertop purchase stress-free from beginning to end!

Please visit our blog for more related content. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, the contact us!


How To Disinfect Your Kitchen Countertop Surfaces

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Tips to Disinfect Your Countertops

Now more than ever, it’s important that you keep every space in your home clean and disinfected. Studies have shown that your kitchen may be the most contaminated room in your home and can host bacteria from food preparation, trash and more.

Your kitchen countertops are used every day and are continuously being touched so it’s imperative they’re cleaned properly and often. In this blog, we’ll take a look at different ways you can keep your countertops sparkling clean – and free of harmful bacteria.


Are Your Granite Countertops Sealed?

Even though it’s a durable natural stone surface, granite is porous and needs to be sealed. If unsealed or weakly sealed, your granite countertops can absorb oils and other liquids that could cause staining and lead to your countertop harboring bacteria, mold and mildew. Not sure if your granite is sealed? Leave a few drops of water on the surface. If it beads up, your natural stone countertops are securely sealed. If the water is absorbed into the granite, it’s time to contact Onslow Stoneworks and have your countertops resealed. 


granite countertops near me in north carolina

Be Sure To Keep Your Countertops Dry

Bacteria, mold and fungus all thrive in moist environments. To avoid this, take extra precaution when cleaning your countertops and be sure to dry them with a clean cloth after washes.

Cleaning Granite Countertops

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Another way to prevent bacteria is to eliminate spills as soon as they occur. If you let stains and food residue linger on your countertop, you’ll end up having more bacteria around than a simple cleaning can tackle. Clean spills immediately and you will have less countertop disinfecting to do on a regular basis.


How To Disinfect Granite Countertops

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends using warm, soapy water to clean your countertops and other kitchen surfaces before and after food preparation. Although this is an effective cleaning measure, it does not completely disinfect granite countertops. We recommend using Granite Gold to disinfect your granite, marble and other natural stone surfaces.

Granite Gold’s Daily Cleaner helps preserve the look and durability of your granite and is also safe to use when cleaning quartz countertops like Silestone, Caesarstone and more. We also suggest using their MonoFoil D Disinfectant & Antimicrobial spray that has been tested and proven effective to kill the COVID-19 virus.

Granite Stone Cleaner

Your countertops are an investment that deserve quality installation and expert knowledge. Visit one of our countertop showrooms located in Swansboro, New Bern and Morehead City to get started on your next project! You can also utilize our free online kitchen or bathroom visualizers and view our blogs for more information. 



Countertops 101: A Material Comparison

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Which Countertop Is Best For You?


Designing a kitchen or bathroom has become more complex than ever before. New styles are continuously popping up that are different, unique, and fresh. Kitchen and bathroom countertops have evolved into more than just a surface to place food and other items atop; it has become a part of the decor and a statement to the home.

There are many kitchen countertops to choose from: granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, ultra-compact, recycled surface, and so on. Deciding upon a countertop for your home may be difficult. What is the look you are trying to achieve? Is style or maintenance more important to you? These are just a few things to consider and we know it can be overwhelming. So, we have provided you with a countertop comparison guide that lays out everything you need to know before purchasing the countertop that suits you best.


Granite is one of the most popular stones found in American homes. It is extremely durable and resistant to heat and scratching. However, due to its porous nature, granite has the possibility of obtaining stains from acidic liquids if such products are left on the countertop for too long.

PROSgranite countertops near me in north carolina

  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to chemicals and stains – this is true when granite is properly sealed by a professional


  • Porous material – if not sealed properly, or if sealant wears off, granite can absorb stains that are impossible to remove
  • Cost – depending on the rareness or “level” of the design, cost can be high
  • Chipping/cracking – this is a rare occurrence, but still possible if a heavy object is dropped on a corner or edge



When it comes to marble, style comes easy! It is elegant, shiny, and has a timeless element to it that appears effortlessly beautiful. But be careful – marble is softer and more porous than other stones, making it more susceptible to damages such as chipping, staining and scratching.

PROSmarble countertops near me in north carolina

  • Beauty – classic & timeless
  • Availability – because of its high demand, marble can be found at almost any stone fabricator
  • Smooth surface


  • Prone to scratching/chipping
  • Susceptible to stains
  • Higher maintenance – in order to prevent damages and stains from occurring, it is important to professionally seal the surface every six months and clean spills/messes immediately


Quartzite is arguably the strongest natural stone option for your countertop; in fact, it is sturdier than marble and granite. It has the same beautiful essence that marble portrays but can withstand a little more abuse. It is a great solution for an outdoor kitchen because it is resistant to UV rays, but be careful, as quartzite is more prone to scratching.

Quartzite Kitchen Countertops


  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • UV resistant – no need to worry about fading if placed outdoors


  • Scratching – use a cutting board and not cut directly on the countertop
  • Damage from heat – use trivets for hot pots and pans
  • Sealing – make sure it is installed and sealed professionally on a regular basis to prevent future damages
  • Limited color options – quartzite contains more neutral colors and less variety of color


If you are looking for a low-maintenance work surface that is 100 percent heatproof for your kitchen consider a soapstone countertop. Unlike other types of natural stone countertops like granite or marble, soapstone does not need a sealer because it is nonporous, which makes it stain resistant—not to mention naturally antimicrobial

PROSsoapstone countertops near me in north carolina

  • Doesn’t require a sealant
  • Heatproof
  • Impenetrable surface reduces the risk of bacterial growth


  • Darkens over time
  • Can scratch or chip under heavy wear





Different from quartzite, quartz is a non-porous stone that is durable, resistant to many damages, and is very easy to maintain. Because it is a manufactured product, quartz offers a wide range of hues, several finish options, and its final appearance is rich and luxurious.

PROS quartz countertops near me in north carolina

  • Very durable
  • Non-porous – there is no need for a sealant
  • Wide range of designs and colors
  • Scratch, chip & crack resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Does not harbor bacteria


  • Price
  • Receptive to heat
  • Should not be used outside


Ultra Compact

Ultra compact surfaces are made from raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz, which are then put under extreme heat and pressure to create an almost indestructible material. These countertops are one of the most durable options on the market today!

ultra compact surface countertops in north carolina


  • Durable
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch, chip, and crack resistant
  • UV resistant – perfect for outdoor use


  • Limited fabricators and installers – because proper install requires certification, it may be more difficult to find a reliable pro who can do a beautiful job


Recycled surface countertops are comprised of large shards and finely ground recycled glass that is bound together with cement or resin. This makes it extremely durable and easy to maintain! 


  • Distinctive look
  • Non-porous 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Eco-friendliness 


  • Limited options – Glass countertops for your kitchen come in a variety of contemporary designs. You are, however, limited in terms of the look you can achieve.


All of these countertops are great options for both your kitchen and bathroom. We recommend you list your priorities, such as style and durability, in order to properly choose the best countertop for your home. If you need assistance to further understand which will work best in your house, please contact us or visit one of our countertop showrooms located in Swansboro, New Bern and Morehead City. You can also utilize our free online kitchen or bathroom visualizers.

summer renovations north carolina

Why Should You Renovate Your Kitchen During The Summer?

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Reasons Kitchen Renovations & Remodels
Are Better In The Summer

Thinking about updating your kitchen? Then you have come to the right place! The spring and fall can be heavy seasons for contractors and designers with projects, but that may not be the best time to remodel. Summer is around the corner and we’re giving you four reasons to update your kitchen this summer season! Although the interior design, home renovations, and remodeling projects take place all year round we are going to shed light on why it’s better to do it during the summer. Summer is one of the busiest seasons for many. Most families are out on vacation and the kids are in summer school. But, with so much happening, why is this the best time of the year to move forward with a kitchen remodel? It sounds a little bit strange, right? How can we proceed with a kitchen design and renovation endeavor when everybody is caught up with other tasks? Follow along with Onslow Stoneworks to learn why summer is the time to move forward with your remodeling!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Remodeling a kitchen can be hard on your family mealtime routine. Being without a countertop, sink and appliances can be challenging, and eating out costs money. The good news is, summertime is grilling season! Spend some time outdoors and try some simple grilled meals. The busy summertime is also the best time of the year to sit outside and relax. Similarly, it is the perfect season to invite family and friends to your home for a lovely gathering. You can enjoy delicious warm meals outside in nature and enjoy the fresh breeze mother nature has blessed us with.

See where I am going with this? Kitchen renovations are perfect! You can hire the best team of countertop professionals at Onslow Stoneworks and let them do the hard labor! The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to give up family dinners, you can still cook and grill outside. You can count on us to take your kitchen design to the next level.

outdoor kitchen

Open Schedules & Vacation

Kids are out of school and are free from most extra-curricular activities, which can greatly open up your schedule. Now you can meet with countertop contractors and designers without having to juggle around PTO meetings, basketball practice and the many other activities your children are involved in. Vacation and summer camps can also create ease during a remodeling period. If you are worried about the kids and who can babysit them, think about this. They are most likely going to be out at summer camp, at summer school, or on vacation with other family members.

As a result, summer is the ideal season for kitchen renovations, home improvements, and remodeling projects. If none of these pertain to you, maybe you could even let the kids hang out with the neighbor’s kids and enjoy a movie night while the remodel takes place. They could even hang out in their own rooms at home if you would like. The remodeling does not take too long. In the end, summer is still better than other seasons because people have more time to schedule tasks like these. How nice would it be to return home from vacation with a beautiful new kitchen? Pretty nice, right?

Indoor Kitchen Lighting

Picking out your countertops, cabinetry, and paint in natural light is key during any renovation. Summer is full of bright days to ensure you are making the right choice. Open the blinds and draw in curtains to fill your kitchen with natural light. Also, days are longer in the summer, allowing more daylight for work to take place. With so much light during the summer time and the sun being at its highest, choosing the perfect products is easy!

countertops in onslow county


While a kitchen renovation is taking place, ventilation of dust and odors can be an issue. During the summer, you can be worry-free and open windows and doors for ventilation without the cold and moisture of the other seasons playing effect. For instance, say you chose to do your kitchen renovations in the winter. This means you would have to deal with the harsh weather which depending on where you live could involve hail, snow, and storms. This makes it very hard for contractors to do the job because they now have to work against the elements.

Do you have to open the windows? Not necessarily, but it can make things easier for the remodelers and installers. This is because they would not have to breathe in all of the bad stuff from the remodel like dust from the countertop installation, paint etc. In our experiences, remodeling during the summer is ideal. Although sometimes life happens and people don’t have another choice so they may have to choose another season. But, no matter what, we can get it done. So no need to worry.

All in all, summer is a great season for many things. Add a kitchen renovation to your summer plans with Onslow Stoneworks. From small upgrades to full updates, contact us to learn how we can assist you with your project needs!

north carolina vacation home renovation

Coastal Vacation Homes

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Hey North Carolina Costal Residents,

Is your vacation home in need of some updates before the summer season begins? Here are a few fun kitchen and bath design staples that will surely shake things up and leave your beachfront vacation home standing out from the rest!

Kitchen or Bathroom Countertop Updates

Let your countertops act as a vibrant asset to your home instead of cluttering them with décor. Installing new countertops in your North Carolina vacation home is a fun and unique way to set it apart from ordinary vacation homes. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, your countertop can be a statement piece that evokes good vibes for your guests. 

Tip: Check out Aura by Spectrum Quartz! This quartz countertop brings the coastal feeling right into your home. 

Pops of Color in the Kitchen

Why stick to one color scheme when you can have them all? Play around with your favorite set of swatches to create a beautiful color palette for your kitchen. This will brighten up the room and bring a personal feel to your home design. Adding color to your kitchen can instantly transform it from a cookie-cutter builder project to authentically YOURS.

Tip: Make sure not to clash with the beautiful array of colors by picking a neutral-colored countertop such as Calacatta Classique.

A Bold Bathroom

There is something so thrilling about a unique bathroom. It is uncommon, yet highly valued. Our opinion? You can’t go wrong with color and texture in this space! Pick a color and get creative! From tile to wallpaper, there are a variety of options.

Tip: Check out our classic granite selections, which come in a variety of colors from neutral to bold and will blend great with any accent color. Granite countertops are a timeless choice, despite your other design choices.

These concepts are a wonderful way to bring a new, fun flare to the typical vacation-style home. If you are located in the North Carolina area (Swansboro, New Bern, and Morehead City), make sure to keep these ideas in mind when renovating your beachfront home! Our experts here at Onslow Stoneworks are available to discuss the best material for your project and can help you make design selections that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

For more design tips and countertop information follow along on our blog!

spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the home where many messy and wonderful memories are made. It is important to keep this space clean throughout all the activities that occur so that your kitchen can function to the best of its ability. Here are 5 quick and easy kitchen cleaning tips that will help you achieve a cleaner home this Spring!

Clean Your Countertops

For quartz surfaces use a soft cloth with mild liquid soap and warm water, or a quartz cleaner such as Granite Gold. For tougher stains, scrub gently with a soft non-abrasive bristled brush. Wipe down with a clean damp cloth, and towel dry to prevent spotting.

If you have natural stone countertops, simply clean surfaces with a soft cloth using a mild liquid soap and warm water, or a natural stone cleaner. For stubborn stains, use a soft non-abrasive bristled brush and scrub lightly. Be sure to rinse and towel dry the surface to prevent spotting.

If you have Ultra-Compact countertops we recommend the use of neutral soap and water with a sponge or scouring pad. In the case of aggressive stains, either from products that are resistant to normal cleaning agents or because they have remained on the countertop without being removed, we recommend using more specific products such as: cream detergents with abrasive particles or solvents.

Polish Your Appliances

Give your oven, stove, and fridge a good scrub and polish. Deep clean the fridge by taking out the drawers and wipe down the inside. Give those burners a new life by getting off all of that baked-on gunk. You’ll feel like you have a brand new kitchen afterward!

countertop cleaning

Declutter Drawers

Now that you tackled your kitchen countertops and appliances move on to decluttering your kitchen drawers. Though we may not want to admit it, we all just dump things in our drawers every once in a while. Out of sight out of mind is often the mindset when trying to clean quickly. It’s time to go through those drawers and throw away all the junk. This is also a good time to clean your utensil drawer organizers. The amount of crumbs that can fall from your counters into your drawers is shocking.

Organize the Tupperware

Let’s be honest, we all hate opening this cabinet because no matter how many times we reorganize and match the lids to containers there seems to always be an avalanche of plastic. There are many ways to organize your tupperware from manufactured closet systems to DIY resources. Some DIY things to keep those lids in place are baking cooling racks, dish drying racks, or large bins to help keep that plastic tamed.

Finish With The Floors

As homeowners we sweep and vacuum the floors regularly but now is a chance to deep clean and disinfect. Gather all your rugs that need to be washed and get out the mop. Be sure to pay attention to cracks, corners, and the grout in your flooring.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to clean it all in a day. Take it step by step and soon your home will be in tip-top shape for the Spring season! 

For more information on how to care for your countertops visit our blog. At Onslow Stoneworks, we are proud to provide countertop fabrication and installation services to surrounding areas in North Carolina! Our countertop showrooms are located in Swansboro, New Bern, and Morehead City.

polished and honed marble countertops

Marble Countertops – Polished vs Honed

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Polished vs Honed Marble Countertops – What’s The Difference? 

Are you interested in installing marble countertops in your North Carolina home but don’t know what the difference between polished and honed is? When choosing natural stone such as marble for your countertops there is a lot of choices to make. From the color to edges and finishes. Something that seems simple, such as the finish, can drastically change the appearance of the marble and the overall look of your space. We have had a lot of questions in regard to what finish to choose when adding marble to your home, so here is the low-down on polished vs honed marble!

Let’s start off by defining what polished is. A polished surface creates a beautiful glossy shine from the natural reflection of the stone’s crystals. Now honed is when the stone slab has been grounded to a smooth, flat consistent surface. This finish is created by stopping short of the last stage of polishing, leaving the stone with a non-shiny, matte look and velvet-like touch. 

Polished Marble Countertops


Polished marble is coated which acts as a protectant, making it less susceptible to stains. But due to the glossy finish, it is highly reflective making scratches more visible. Because polished marble is a smooth surface it can be a dangerous option for flooring in high traffic areas because it can potentially be very slippery when wet. It is, however, a classic choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops.


  • Look: Glossy & Shiny
  • Feel: Smooth
  • Durability: Scratch and etch easily, but more stain-resistant.
  • Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and mild detergent, clean spills immediately.
  • Suggested Application: Kitchen and bathroom countertops, fireplace surrounds, and walls.

Honed Marble Countertops


Honed marble is a matte finish so it is more resistant to scratches. Scratches on hone marble countertops are less noticeable because the scratch won’t be as easy to see when light reflects off it, like with a polished surface. Honed marble is more susceptible to stains, so it important to clean them up spills immediately. Because it is matte, when the surface gets wet, it is less slippery than polished making it a better choice for flooring than polished.


  • Looks: Matte
  • Feel: Velvet/Satin
  • Durability: Scratch resistant, but easily stained.
  • Maintenance: Regular wipe down with water and mild detergent, clean up spills immediately, re-sealing suggested over time.
  • Suggested Application: Countertops and high traffic areas, such as floors for the bathroom, foyer, or living room.

For more content about kitchen design trends, countertops surfaces, and more visit our blog. At Onslow Stoneworks, we are proud to provide countertop fabrication and installation services to surrounding areas in North Carolina! Our countertop showrooms are located in Swansboro, New Bern, and Morehead City. We also offer services to cities including Greenville, Jacksonville, Grantsboro, Aurora, Hakers Island, Wilmington and more!

2021 Design Trends For Your North Carolina Home

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Color Trends

Although traditional all-white kitchens remain popular amongst homeowners, warm beige colors and varied green hues that reflect lush gardens or other natural elements are expected to trend in 2021. 

Check out these popular colors for 2021 from several top paint companies:
  • Sherwin-Williams: Urbane Bronze – gray paint color that has deep brown/bronze undertones in it
  • Benjamin Moore:  Aegean Teal – a blend of blue-green and gray
  • Behr®: Smoky White – a soft and serene color and really sets a peaceful vibe for the room
  • Pantone®: Ultimate Gray – emblematic of solid and dependable elements
Cambria Quartz Montgomery Kitchen Countertops
Countertop Design Trends 2021

Countertop Trends

If you are thinking about renovating your home in North Carolina in 2021, consider quartz countertops! Quartz is a favorite among types of kitchen and bathroom countertops because it comes in many colors and patterns. Quartz is at the top of most North Carolina designers’ lists for nearly any kitchen or bathroom renovation due to its lasting beauty, durability and easy maintenance. More specifically, light colored quartz is trending and is currently the most popular style of countertop on the market. Cambria and Viatera  countertops are two of the top quartz brands and both offer a wide array of different styles. 

Other countertop options include natural stone like marble and granite, although these materials require a little more maintenance than quartz. If necessary, you can have a countertop specialist from an Onslow Stoneworks near you come in and repair any damages to your countertop should the worst happen.

Cabinetry Trends

Cabinets are a major piece of your kitchen or bathroom design and have a huge impact on the final look of a space. It’s important to always select cabinet finishes that complement your wall color and countertop, whether a similar shade or a contrasting color.


Sticking with the latest color trends in 2021, light colored cabinets are not losing their popularity any time soon. With a wide range of shades to choose from, our Design Consultants at Onslow Stoneworks are experts at helping you choose the perfect shade of white, cream, beige, or even gray to help bring your kitchen or bathroom vision to life.

cabinetry trends 2021
stainless steel appliances

Appliance Trends

Stainless steel appliances will likely always be a popular choice amongst homeowners and designer and are another popular trend we’ll see continue into 2021. The light gray color of stainless steel appliances goes with every cabinet, wall, and flooring color you can come up with and often gives off a stylish appeal.

We can’t leave out another trend that has emerged in recent years though that we don’t see away any time soon, colored appliances! Maybe you are looking for a pristine look in the kitchen but want to add a pop of color by using an appliance manufacturer that puts out a whole set in hunter green or matte black. You can find alternative options to the standard stainless steel at popular appliance manufacturers like KitchenAid and Sub-Zero.

Make The Most Out of Your Next Renovation With These 2021 Design Trends

There are a lot of choices available when you decide you want to redesign your kitchen. You can do a complete overhaul down to the bare bones, or you may choose to do your redesign in phases, such as refacing your current kitchen cabinets then upgrading your countertops. Your decision can be solely based your needs, wants, and budget.

For more information on how to start your 2021 kitchen or bathroom renovation or how to incorporate some of these design trends in your home project contact us or schedule an appointment to visit us! At Onslow Stoneworks, we are proud to provide countertop fabrication and installation services to surrounding areas in North Carolina! Our countertop showrooms are located in Swansboro, New Bern and Morehead City. We also offer services to cities including Greenville, Jacksonville, Grantsboro, Aurora, Hakers Island, Wilmington and more!

Empty Bowls New Bern NC

Onslow Stoneworks Teams Up With Empty Bowls New Bern, NC

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Proud To Sponsor

Onslow Stoneworks is proud to be a Diamond sponsor for Empty Bowls New Bern, NC 2021! Now more than ever, we understand the importance of coming together in order to make a difference in the lives of others and supporting our local communities. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of sponsoring this event which helps raise money for local stop-hunger and arts programing in Craven County. 

About Empty Bowls New Bern, NC

Empty Bowls New Bern, NC is a partnership between Religious Community Services and Craven Arts Council and Gallery. This uplifting event unites businesses, religious and civic groups, professional and amateur potters, restaurants and others, as we use our collective creative energies to make a difference in the lives of others.

With each ticket you will receive:

  • Your choice of one handcrafted bowl from hundreds donated by local potters
  • In order to maintain social distancing, A $5 coupon to participating restaurants will come with each ticket instead of hosting the traditional Empty Bowls event.
  • The great feeling of knowing you helped better your community with your purchase



empty bowls new bern

Join Us In Fighting Hunger!

If you would like to learn more about Empty Bowls New Bern, NC or support the event by purchasing tickets, you can find additional information below! We thank you in advance for your support as we unite the community to make a difference in the lives of others. 

For more information and news about Onslow Stoneworks, visit our blog