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Coastal Vacation Homes

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Hey North Carolina Costal Residents,

Is your vacation home in need of some updates before the summer season begins? Here are a few fun kitchen and bath design staples that will surely shake things up and leave your beachfront vacation home standing out from the rest!

Kitchen or Bathroom Countertop Updates

Let your countertops act as a vibrant asset to your home instead of cluttering them with décor. Installing new countertops in your North Carolina vacation home is a fun and unique way to set it apart from ordinary vacation homes. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, your countertop can be a statement piece that evokes good vibes for your guests. 

Tip: Check out Aura by Spectrum Quartz! This quartz countertop brings the coastal feeling right into your home. 

Pops of Color in the Kitchen

Why stick to one color scheme when you can have them all? Play around with your favorite set of swatches to create a beautiful color palette for your kitchen. This will brighten up the room and bring a personal feel to your home design. Adding color to your kitchen can instantly transform it from a cookie-cutter builder project to authentically YOURS.

Tip: Make sure not to clash with the beautiful array of colors by picking a neutral-colored countertop such as Calacatta Classique.

A Bold Bathroom

There is something so thrilling about a unique bathroom. It is uncommon, yet highly valued. Our opinion? You can’t go wrong with color and texture in this space! Pick a color and get creative! From tile to wallpaper, there are a variety of options.

Tip: Check out our classic granite selections, which come in a variety of colors from neutral to bold and will blend great with any accent color. Granite countertops are a timeless choice, despite your other design choices.

These concepts are a wonderful way to bring a new, fun flare to the typical vacation-style home. If you are located in the North Carolina area (Swansboro, New Bern, and Morehead City), make sure to keep these ideas in mind when renovating your beachfront home! Our experts here at Onslow Stoneworks are available to discuss the best material for your project and can help you make design selections that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

For more design tips and countertop information follow along on our blog!

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