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Stoneworking –
A Long Family History

After both serving in the United States Marine Corps, Onslow Stoneworks Inc. was opened in 1995 by Michael and Matthew Schott. But in reality it was conceived long before that.

Granite and stone working has been in the family for well over 120 years. Dating back to the 1870’s, evidence of this can be seen in the town center of Guardiagrelle, Italy from where the Scioli family originates.

Family Granite Quarry Circa 1900

In the late 1800’s brothers Nicola and Emidio Scioli emigrated to and settled in the town of Cliffside Park, NJ. It is there where the family’s granite quarry was operated on the cliffs of the Palisades overlooking the Hudson River and New York City. Michael and Matthew were truly blessed to have a grandfather, Emil Scioli who worked at the quarry as a young boy and who took the time to pass the family’s heritage and traditions on to them. Many hours were spent listening to all the old stories of the hundreds of old world Italian craftsman. “I remember as a boy my grandfather taught me how to cut granite with a hammer and chisel” recalls Michael. “I was fascinated at how he made his tools look like an extension of his hands. I can still hear him telling me, “treat the stone like a block of ice. Be patient and listen. The stone will tell you when it’s ready to go”.

“It took me a long time to really understand what he was really teaching me and I realized it was not only stoneworking he was passing on to us”.

Today Onslow Stoneworks employs the latest in stone cutting technologies but still has the very same commitment to craftsmanship that was instilled in the Schott brothers years ago.

So you can be confident that when you’re speaking to us, you are speaking to stone professionals. Our expertise comes from our DNA, not a classroom or a trade publication.

We take pride in the fact that Onslow Stoneworks Inc. continues to be the standard in which others try to achieve.