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Not to be confused with the natural stone category of Quartzite, Quartz is a synthetic product. It is comprised primarily of quartz mixed with polymers, colors and resins which results in a very durable surface.

There is a slight misconception that being a synthetic product that pricing would be less expensive than granite. This is generally not true. While the price range for granite varies more than quartz, and there are some exotic stones that are very expensive, most granite’s available are less expensive than quartz.

There are many different brand names that offer quartz products such as Cambria, LG Hausys, Dal-One, Cosmos, Caesarstone and Silestone to name a few. In the past several years these companies have developed a process to make the veining look a little more realistic if you’re looking for a marble look. Onslow Stoneworks carries a large selection of quartz slabs in stock to make the selection process easier.