North Carolina’s Best Countertop Selection

By June 20, 2022 July 25th, 2022 Blog

When it comes to countertops, Onslow has it all. We hand select from the finest distributors, and naturally provide the best countertop selection North Carolina has to offer. From natural stone, to quartz, recycled stone and ultra compact stone, we are sure to have something fit for your needs. We’ve rounded up our most popular stones from each material, so read on to review which Onslow stone best suits your lifestyle.

Natural Stone

Formed through years of subterranean heat and pressure, natural stone boasts extraordinary beauty and strength. Unearthed from quarries around the world, Onslow selects only the finest quality stone to offer you this unrivaled selection. We offer a variety of unique granite, timeless marble, sturdy quartzite, alluring soapstone and special travertine.
Since natural stone is mined, each one is completely unique. Heat, fire, scratch, chip, and stain-resistant, with the proper care, natural stone can last a lifetime. From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanities, a natural stone countertop can transform your surface into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Browse some of our more popular natural stone countertops.


Not to be confused with the natural stone category of Quartzite, Quartz is an engineered stone. It is comprised primarily of quartz mixed with polymers, colors and resins which results in a very durable surface.
Quartz’s extended durability makes up for its slight price premium, compared to granite. Quartz countertops are extremely durable, stain and heat resistant and overall a premium product, so a steeper price tag on this material makes it a more luxurious offer than conventional granite.

There are many different brand names that offer quartz products such as Cambria, LG Hausys, Dal-One, Cosmos, Caesarstone and Silestone to name a few. In the past several years these companies have developed a process to make the veining look extremely realistic to natural marble, so if you’re looking for a marble look-alike, you just found the right place.


Some of Onslow's more popular quartz colors include:


Often overshadowed by natural stone and quartz, porcelain countertops are beginning to rise in popularity. As part of the engineered stone family, porcelain countertops are made from clay and baked in extreme heat to create a dense, highly durable material.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns, it’s easy to create a customized and clean look for your home. Porcelain countertops are also 30% more durable than granite and are stain-resistant and easier to maintain.
Along with its unmatched durability and versatility of design, porcelain countertops can be used in many settings from kitchen countertops to outdoor applications.

Take a look at some of our more popular porcelain products.


Recycled surface countertops are customizable and environmentally friendly. They consist of large shards and finely ground recycled glass that is bound together with cement or resin. This makes it extremely durable and easy to maintain, plus it’s eco-friendly, so what isn’t there to like?!

Take a look at some of our more popular Recycled products.

These colors are only a toe-dip into the wide variety of colors and products Onslow has to offer. Rest assured that Onslow has the best and widest variety of countertop offerings in the North Carolina area! Take a look at our gallery or contact us today to start planning your next home renovation project using Onslow materials.

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